Overnight success is a myth

Nowadays, the internet is full of inspirational life stories about people who have made it to the top 1% in terms of wealth and fame. We get awestruck when we look at the photos and videos of these individuals on social media and how they enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

This invokes a strong desire in our mind to be like them and we start looking for ways to be rich and successful as quickly as possible. Little do we try to understand the challenges that these individuals have faced in their past and the hard work that they have put in to reach to the position they currently hold.

It is a normal human tendency to wish for overnight success. Most of us do not know the meaning of success and the ways in which it can be achieved. We impatiently look for shortcuts and end up taking impulsive decisions which can later have demoralizing effects on our mindset and can even affect our relationships and overall well-being.

So how exactly do we achieve success? Although there are many ways that can lead you to success, there is one aspect which remains common on all these paths. It is HARD WORK!

Hard work requires motivation

Now that we have understood that overnight success is just a myth and hard work is the key to achieve your dreams, is it really that simple to be successful? The answer is both YES and NO. Although hard work is foundation of any success story, it is extremely difficult to work hard endlessly without staying motivated throughout the journey to success.

Find your WHY

In all inspirational life stories of ultra successful people, you will find one common factor to which these legends attribute their success to. It’s their WHY.

Success comes with its own set of failures. Higher the level of success, larger the number of failures you’d need to face and conquer. When we are working hard on our goals, a single failure can be enough to crush our self-esteem and derail us from the path to success. People without a strong purpose get discouraged and ultimately stop trying. To quickly get back on track and overcome the failure, we need to have a strong emotional reason behind WHY we are doing WHAT we are doing. Finding your purpose and reiterating it in your mind will take you through any challenging situation and guarantee success.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born.. and the day you find out why

– Mark Twain

Hard Work vs. Smart Work

Once you identify the WHY, the next thing is to focus on the HOW. Although working hard can get your where you want, working smart can help you get there faster.

Smart work does not necessarily mean finding ways to avoid hard work. It means learning from your past actions and refining them in future to get the work done faster without compromising on the delivered value. Try to look at things with a different perspective and continuously ask yourself ‘Can this be done in a better way?’If something doesn’t work, try something different. Learn quickly, fail fast and constantly improve your actions.

Guarantee your Success

Occasionally, you might come across people who have stumbled upon a gold mine and became wealthy overnight, like someone winning a lottery ticket. However, keep in mind that such a success is short-lived as it’s not based off a strong foundation and one failure is enough to wipe everything out. Maintaining success is as important as achieving it and following the above points will not only guarantee your success but help you maintain it throughout your life.